jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2014

12 lessons that I learned in 2013

1. Time heals broken hearts. Even if you think that the pain will never go away, it will.
2. Dentist recommend to have deep teeth cleaning every 6 months for a reason.
3. You have to let go what does not have a place in your life anymore. Things, feelings... and especially regrets.
4. When you are doing the right thing you should not feel guilty. You can be sorry but that is different.
5. You should do more of what you love.
6. People notice your nails a lot. Chipped manicure is severly judged.
7. To be honest about your feelings is very hard. But absolutely necessary.
8. To have music in your life, makes it a better place.
And in my case, to have a cat, even more.
9. To stand up for something that you consider fair can ruin friendships. But it is ok.
10. When applying for visas never wait for your passport to be sent by post if you can pick it up personally.
11. Be grateful with the persons that love you and care about you. They are the best of your life.
12. Expect the unexpected. It doesn't matter how unlikely it might be. Miracles happen. They really do.

Welcome 2014!