jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

Lessons learned in 2015

1. "Unless is passionate, mad, extraordinary love it is a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them"
2. Whatever you really want to do. BEGIN IT. Action has magic, grace and power in it.
3. Music is the most beautiful language you could ever learn.
4. Planning is very important. Things like not having cash, credit and your phone, and the telephone cable with you are unacceptable when you have reached certain age.
5. Sometimes you don’t have other choice than saying no. It is better to disappoint the person in that moment instead of breaking a promise.
6. People actually do prefer that you buy wedding gifts off their registries.
7. Don't use purses that close with Velcro.
8. To decide is to quit everything else.
9. The harder you work the more stress and satisfactions you will have... I find it totally worth it.
10. There still so much to learn!
Welcome 2016!