domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Frases ganadoras

American Beauty:
* I'm not obsessing. I'm just curious.

Cidade de Deus: You need more than guts to be a good gangster, you need ideas.

Great Expectations:
* I'm not going to tell the story the way it happened. I'm going to tell it the way I remember it

* She'll only break your heart, it's a fact. And even though I warn you, even though I guarantee you that the girl will only hurt you terribly, you'll still pursue her. Ain't love grand?

Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind:
* Why do I fall in love with every woman I see who shows me the least bit of attention?

Match point:
* You have to learn to push the guilt under the rug and move on.

-Do you feel guilty?
- do you?

- You're still my enemy in the morning.
- You're still my enemy tonight. But even enemies can show respect.

Under the Tuscan sun:
* If you smash into something good, you should hold on until it's time to let go.

Amelie: I like to look for things no one else catches. I hate the way drivers never look at the road in old American movies

* Of course I'll forgive her. I *have* forgiven her. Without forgiveness we're savages.

El rey leon:
* Si.. perdoname si no salto de gusto, me duele la espalda...

Amores perros: Si quieres hacer reir a Dios, cuentale tus planes

Gone with the wind: After all... tomorrow is another day.

Terminator: Come with me if you want to live.

Pulp fiction: Bitch, be cool!

Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas:
* Del hongo, TONTA.
* Es lo correcto.

Matrix: There is no spoon.

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  1. La Haine: "Jusqu'ici, tout va bien. Le probleme ce n'est pas la chute, c'est le aterrisage".
    Besos y feliz aniversario para usted también! Ya venga!